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Piracy is the fact to have / possess and to sell a copy and / or use a copy of software without any authorization of elements / products subject to copyright or patent.

Software development is a process that involves creativity and talent of programmers, writers and graphic designers. Like most of creative works such as books and films, computer softwares are subject to copyright which is protected by the laws of each country in which these programs are licensed, and by international treaties.

The different types of piracy

Type Description
Piracy by end user Non authorized copy of software bought legally
Over Customer using - server The number of employees using a copy of a software on a server at the same time higher than the number of license.
Piracy on the net Free Downloading of software on internet from a non authorized source.
Downloading on the data Preinstalled software by partnerships who sale computers without any license.
Software pirating Reproduction or distribution of pirated software or non authorized software.


Vision Numeric can give informations and ressources you need to help you and your company to understand importance of the software piracy and the risks linked to the using of software without owning license.

On this website, you have the opportunity to inform us about a software piracy offence.

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

formulaire type
Formulaire type



        Software piracy is a steal.

If it is proven that you or your company use software without possessing a license, you are liable to civil and criminal penalties. The law allows the holder of copyright to prevent you from using its software immediately and to demand financial compensation.

The owner of the copyright may collect damages, which cover the amount of damage caused by your counterfeiting, and the amount of profit you may have made through the fraudulent use. In terms of French law, the government can sue you in a criminal court for infringement of copyright. If you are convicted, you will be liable to a fine of up to € 300 000 and a penalty of up to three years imprisonment.

More information about the legislation :

World Trade Organization
World Intellectual Property Organization

   B) RISKS...
        ... linked to the use of pirated softwares

Copy or use pirated software exposes your company to the risk of breach of copyright.

Pirated software is often incomplete, unstable and there is often a lack of documentation, no guaranty or no possibilities of updating.

Imitated support softwares can contain viruses and put in danger your IT equipment as well as you machines and lasers.

The image and the reputation of your business could be strongly impacted because of the sanctions and legal proceedings against it, for using pirated software.

Risk of format problem during importing file (new format unavailable)

No assistance and no access to the customer support service

Missing of the specificities of the original software


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