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Type3CAAV5 is the unique add-on solution
for the easy and seamless integration of text and graphics
in the PLM process.

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Complete and flexible TEXT mode and SYMBOL Library

Use professional and powerful tools for text, fonts, serial numbers, symbols…

- High precision of text/fonts tools, True Type, Single Line, Symbol library,
- Mirror / inversion, Kerning, ...
- Multiple positioning options
- Text on Line, Arc, in a Box
- Multiline
- G1 compatibility
- Parametric text features
- Generation of CATIA Curves
- Create MACROS with feature text Compatibility with Formula, Design Table and Power Copy

NEW VIDEO (Version 5.5)
- Creation of panels using 7 reference points
- Wide library of symbols and logos
- Edit any parameter for the text blocks directly from the tree, individually or all at one time
- Full associativity, and re-edition possible at any time. 
  NEW VIDEO (Version 5.5)
- Multiline
- Distance management
- Single line fonts (option)
- Table ease localizations in multiple
- G1 continuity
- Basic and Local mapping improvements
- New languages for interface
NEW VIDEO (Version 5.5)
Create and modify text in no time, retrieving all parameters from the tree
  TEXT in ARC 
Text from a point – easy creation,  positioning and re-edition   Creation of Several block of text with linked positioning points

Scan & Vectorization

Customise your part from imported or scanned graphics

  • Direct imports (BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG) or driving of 2D Scanner in CATIA CAD Software,
  • Fast and easy vectorisation with precise parameters,
  • Vectorisation of black/white and colour files.
NEW VIDEO (Version 5.5)
- Creation of panels using 7 reference points

Tracing of colour logo and extrusion,
on 3D surface 

Unique and various PROJECTION and MAPPING algorythms that fit any job and surfaces

Optimize graphics and text positioning

  • Parallel projection or Local Projection
  • Basic Mapping, Conical Mapping, Cylindrical mapping
  • Accurate positioning according to one or several points, planes, surfaces
  • Single and Multi-surfaces
  • Associativity
  • 3D curves can be used for : machining or products visualizations /presentations
  • Ease of use and flexibility
NEW VIDEO (Version 5.5)
- Text creation and re-edition on  3D Surface
– Multiline
- Design table with Foreign languages

Vectorize logo, estrude it and wrap it on a 3D surface

Text wrapped on 3D cylindrical surface   Text projected on a complex 3D bottle shape
Text mapped on conical 3D shape    

Extend CATIA possibilities artistic designs and specific engraving CAM strategies.

The GATEWAY package is the interface between CATIA and TypeEdit, stand-alone software dedicated to 2D, 2.5D, 3D artistic engraving and machining. It allows the Copy/paste to and from CATIA or TypeEdit (prerequisite).

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