3Design Jewellery Contest in Taiwan! - TCJDA


Taiwan 2017 International Creative Jewellery Design Contest

We were proud of being a part of the 2017 International Creative Jewellery Design Contest of Taiwan as organisers along with our local partner Mr Cary Chao from QingTeng and the TJCDA.

Mr Chao really had an impact on the evolution of the practice of CAD jewellery, training and supporting designers, jewellers, students, professors and associations for over 10 years. Allowing many people to comprehend the importance of 3D CAD in the jewellery industry.

David and Miss Wang Yue Yan - 3Design and TCJDA

Special thanks to him, to Miss Wang Yue Yan and Miss Julia Perng that have organised the event.

And obviously, congratulations to the winners of the contest: Chen Yi-Jun, Su Xin-Yi and Chen Yi-Zhong respectively at 1st, 2nd and 3rd position. Each won a version of 3Design or 3Shaper.

3Design jewelry contest winners TCJDA

Wish to learn more about the solutions that were used during the contest?