Elisa Rossier our perfect host from Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe - Switzerland

Photos from Vallorbe !


Beautiful days spent at Vallorbe in Switzerland thanks to Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe (UMV).
With the good company of Bijoutil & Elma, many professional solutions dedicated to jewelers and watchmakers have been presented.

Thanks to UMV, we have made a very instructive visit of the factory to discover step by step, the creation of a jewelry tools. We couldn't make photo for top secret process, but find here photos of the event with demonstration room and presentations.

Elisa Rossier - UMV

Dynamic presentation by Elisa Rossier, our host from Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe (UMV in Switzerland) that we thank for the perfect organization of these Open Door Days.

Bijoutil - 3DESIGN partner

Bijoutil, our partner for our solution 3DESIGN, with Francis Schaeffert and Jean-François Huser

Jewelers limes UMV

Some products from Usines métallurgiques de Vallorbe

Demonstration rooms at UMV - Vallorbe

Presentation & demonstration rooms let visitors discover: Des salles de démonstration et de présentation on permis à nos visiteurs de découvrir :

  • Cleaning solutions from Elma
  • 3D machine Stalactite,
  • Welding equipment from Lambert,
  • Electrolaser,
  • Engraving machine Mahic Engraver,
  • and of course the star of 3D jewelry software: 3DESIGN!
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