TYPE3-CAA: Integration of Associative Text & Graphic elements in CATIA®

TYPE3-CAA: Integration of Associative Text & Graphic elements in CATIA®
Add-on for Catia V5 / 3DEXPERIENCE

Looking for a simple and effective way to integrate product brand identification into CATIA ?

Developed in partnership with Dassault Systèmes since 2003, TYPE3-CAA offers design and construction engineers an unique access to a wide range of professional tools to enhance industrial parts with serial numbers, text, logos, legal information, specs… directly within the PLM process of CATIA CAA V5 / 3DEXPERIENCE.

Create Text in CATIA - TYPE3 CAA - Introducing Version 5.50
TYPE3-CAA - Conical wrapping in CATIA
  • Details

    TYPE3-CAA Software Solutions in just a few words: 

    • Professional tools to create text, with any typographical controls,
    • Easy management of fonts, references, symbols, graphic elements,
    • Projection & Mapping capabilities on any simple or complex surface,
    • Full integration within CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE environments,
    • Complete compatibility with Design Tables and Power Copies,
    • Accurate vectorization of pictures and graphic elements,
    • Available in English, French, German, Japanese, Italian and Simplified Chinese

    Traceability, communication, marking and engraving on prototypes and finished parts are essential needs in activities such as Automotive & Transportation, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial equipment, Consumer Goods, Mold Making…etc. TYPE3-CAA guarantees respect of graphic charts, from design to manufacturing up to the end user. It is fully parametric and associative with all features of CATIA. Companies using TYPE3-CAA benefit from immediate productivity gains.

    How to create re-editable text in CATIA & map it on 3D CATPART ?

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  • Features

    Text features, library of symbols 

    Professional tools for text creation, font management, symbols & serial numbers integration 

    • Text along a curve, along an arc, from a box,
    • Multi-line text,
    • Text on multi-supports,
    • True Type Fonts and single line fonts (Stroke lines)
    • Mirror text for mold makers, kerning controls,
    • G1 compatibility
    • Creation of macros using any text features.

    All text features are Parametric and re-editable through CATIA construction tree. 

    CATIA V5


    Text on multi-supports
    Multi-line text
    Design table compatibility

    Various Projection & Mapping algorithms for any type of surface 

    • Parallel / local projection
    • Basic / conical / cylindrical mapping
    • Precise positioning on surface
    • For single or multi-surfaces

    Projected / Mapped CATIA curves are fully Associative. 

    CATIA V5


    Local projection
    Conical mapping
    Cylindrical mapping


    Import any image for effective vectorization 

    • BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG direct import in CATIA V5 / 3DEXPERIENCE,
    • Simple and quick vectorization with dedicated parameters (allowance, noise filtering, smoothing, sensibility…),
    • Vectorization from black and white or even colored pictures.

    CATIA V5


  • Downloads

    To find out more, download our FAQs, details on our innovations, etc

    FAQ Projection and wrapping tools Download
    Brochures & FAQs DOWNLOAD TYPE3-CAA

Examples of applications

TYPE3-CAA - Engine motor
TYPE3-CAA - Engine motor
TYPE3-CAA : texture
TYPE3-CAA : texture
TYPE3-CAA - Power button
TYPE3-CAA - Power button
TYPE3-CAA : logos & text on tire
TYPE3-CAA : logos & text on tire
TYPE3-CAA - Engine motor
TYPE3-CAA | Hatching on Tyre in CATIA V5


What our clients say

Our activity is about blowing lines and machines and Pet plastic bottles. The integration of TYPE3-CAA helps us to integrate the engraving at the design stage, making this application part of the product cycle.

Optimization of CATIA functionalities thanks to Graphic & Wrap package integration allowing wrapping on surfaces, text on curves… directly into CATIA ! Besides, we minimize risk errors by integration of Gateway Package for perfect communication between CATIA and Type3.
Sidel - France
Our company designs logos and home made fonts in CATIA’s 2D modules. The Graphic and Wrap Package transforms logos or images received in AI or EPS directly into CATIA vectors. This Package also allows us to use special fonts directly.

We gained global control of the whole process internally at a very reasonable price.
Fingscheidt - Germany

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TYPE3-CAA: Integration of Associative Text & Graphic elements in CATIA®

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